New World Great Axe Build

New World Great Axe Build. Sword and shield & great axe. Put 50 into strength and 50 into constitution, when around level 60.

New World Builds Great Axe and War Hammer Build
New World Builds Great Axe and War Hammer Build from

This is a pve and pvp build that is not only good for questing, and pvp, but also for expeditions, and does some of the highest aoe dps in new world. The first one is a build with charge, maelstrom and gravity well. Wenn ihr uns beim übersetzen helfen möchtet, schaut bitte in unserem discord vorbei.

It Performs The Best In Pvp Scenarios And Expeditions.

The great axe / sword & shield battle tank build strikes a fine balance between offense and takes two weapons that scale well with strength, using the best skills from both skill trees. The great axe and hatchet weapon combination are super strong, and as you are using full heavy armor, you can easily fight three or even four players just by yourself. Artikel und guides sind derzeit nur auf englisch verfügbar.

New World Build Guide For The Hatchet And Great Axe.

By the end of this guide, you should have a thorough understanding of the great axe and with practice be able to fully master it. Put 50 into strength and 50 into constitution, when around level 60. Whether that's expeditions, 1vs1 pvp or even sieges.

The Brawler Build For New World Is Perfect For Visceral Melee Combat In Both Pve And Pvp Situations.

Players can use the great axe for pvp builds, pve builds, and pretty much everything in between. For more information, you can check our great axe guide. There are two main builds for pvp.

Bow Blunderbuss Fire Staff Great Axe Hatchet Ice Gauntlet Life Staff Musket Rapier Spear Sword War Hammer Void Gauntlet.

Great axes mainly benefit from strength. The greataxe in new world performs very well in pvp due to its high functioning abilities like charge, gravity well, reap, and execute. It deals slash damage with its basic attacks and most.

Maelstrom Is Getting More Popular After Reap’s Nerf.

Blood lust still fits better for pvp, but you have to take almost every passive skill in reaper tree to get it: New world features a bevy of weapons for players to choose from, each with its own set of pros and cons. The best new world great axe pvp build.

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